Theater Resume

Printable, Chronological Resume of my theater work. (Forsooth.)

SRJC 2012

Sweeney Todd - Mrs. Lovett

"Tower" with Sympho 

June 2012

In this movement/music/dance piece, we were in a Ann Hamilton's Tower on Oliver Ranch in  Geyserville, CA

Two staircases built in a double helix form. One entrance and staircase is for the audience and the other is for the performers. A pool of water sits at the bottom.

Sympho, A New York group, traveled to Sonoma County with musicians and composers, and the musicians played instruments all up and down the spiral tower, and the actors/dancers danced to the music. 

There was only one performance. 

See more photos here

I spent one full-time school year getting the Professional Training Program Certificate 2008-2009

(aka "Clown College")

I fondly call the school "Clown College." Worked on acrobatics, mask, clown, circus, acting, melodrama, and much more. 

School was 8h/day, and we had to create a show and perform it every Friday afternoon. 

Bridge Troll

The town traveled to the bridge, and I was underneath. I played my accordion with the song I composed.

Site Specific Work

I made the entire costume out of lichen & found objects. I made the mask in mask class. I am super proud of the headpiece, and I'm so sad I don't have better pictures.

We came up with a play to perform for the town in 1 week. 


Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theater

A Very Potter Musical

Snape - 2011

I auditioned for this part.

An fun independent production. (I ended up music directing and making all the props, too.)

Jaques, La Beau, Live Musician/Composer/ Costume Designer

As You Like It

2016 - RTC

This 6-person Shakespeare show was one of my favorite projects ever.

On The Verge

Alex - Raven Players - 2015

Midsummer Night's Dream

Puck- PSC - 2017


Ensemble - Cinnebar - 2017

Alex & the Magic Staff

Queen Nira - ATFC - 2019

Henry IV Part 2

PSC - 2017

Roles: Gadshill, Vernon, Northumberland, as well as Costume Designer & Sound Designer. This was a nuts production. I did so much stuff...


The Prince - ATFC - 2012

I had a great time in this kids theater show. A little girl asked someone later, "I wish a girl could play the prince." SHE CAN!!

Inspector General


Anna - 2007 - Principia


"Anna" - Principia - 2006

Caucasian Chalk Circle

Narrator - Principia - 2008

Box Boy

music by Adam Schumaker & script by Brian Stock

 Ann - Principia 2007

It's A Wonderful Life

Ensemble -6th St. Playhouse - 2012

Alice in Wonderland

Cook - ATFC - 2011

Big Love

Pianist, Acrobat/Bride- SRJC - 2011


Grankala - Ochlos 2014

Devised Theater


Narrow Way - Emma Goldman, Housewife - 2016