Music Lessons

Piano & Guitar Lessons

and beginning Ukulele, Accordion, & Voice Lessons

Music Lessons

I absolutely love music & teaching, and I want my students to take joy in music as well. I help my students build up the musician's essential skills. My methodology changes based on many factors: level of focus, age, learning disabilities, interests, and dedication to a practice schedule.


After basic skills are learned, my students are encouraged to choose the kind of music they want to work on. (Rock, classical, jazz, pop, composition, whatever!) Most of you aren't learning music to become a classical concert musician...


For beginning kids, I suggest 10m of practice a day. For adults 15+ minutes. When it comes to practicing, maintaining a daily schedule is the sure way to continue to make progress. Parents are encouraged to help that happen at home. 


However, I am low pressure teacher - I'm not "old school." I teach at the speed of the student.  If practicing doesn't happen, guilt-tripping isn't my style. I'll encourage a bit more practice, and methods to help make that happen, but I'm going to take the student where they are.


Your first half-hour lesson is free! (Please remind me if I forget!)




Discounted rates when multiple people from the same family take lessons. (Parents, siblings, cousins, whatever.)

Discounted rates for SRJC or Sonoma State students paying for their own lessons who are currently on a degree track.

What You Need

I would HIGHLY recommend having your own instrument


Piano: A piano or keyboard. (I often have rentals available.) I have all the learning materials you'll need. For beginning students, it's usually around $30 for initial supplies which will last a while. I ask that after a bit, students get a metronome (I have some discounted ones for sale - I find deals!) I recommend one that clicks, not beeps. The beeping gets really annoying. 


Guitar/Ukulele: You'll need your own. Sometimes I have guitars for rent. You'll need a tuner as well (phone app works fine if the student has their own phone.) I have some for sale. Access to their own Google Drive would be ideal.


Accordion: I have one large accordion available to rent. 

My Experience

I've been playing music for 30+ years, and teaching music for 20+ years, I have a BA in Music Performance, and a Digital Audio AA in progress. I've sung in and been the music director of multiple musicals.

I'm a composer, I've composed, and sometimes performed live in over 15 theater shows, 1 video game, and many personal projects. 

Cancellation Policy

I have a same-day cancellation policy. If you cancel the day before before, no charge. If you cancel the day of, the full amount is charged. If we are able to reschedule the lesson for later in the week, no charge. If you cancel the rescheduled day, the full amount is charged.


I am partnered with Play It Forward, a wonderful local non-profit, who provides scholarships for financially strapped families. Apply on their website. 

Other Info

Parents are welcome to sit in. 

I've got rocking chairs, WiFi, as well as outdoor seating.

I ask that cell phone sounds be silenced, and that parents don't vocally participate in the lesson too much. :)