Sound Design

Digital Audio

In my Digital Media class, I was given an animated video with no sound - so in this video, the audio is composed & produced by yours truely.

This music was all digitally created, except for a few of my own vocals. 

Interesting production side note: I didn't get a chance to completely finish editing it - ALL my files and backups magically disappeared. I was crushed.  But... 6 months later, a flash drive appeared with the exported video on it. (But not the editable ProTools files.) There were still a few adjustments I wanted to make and sound effects I wanted to add, but such is life!

Original Video by Chad Turner (thanks! I love this video)

I composed the soundtrack (and did a good chunk of the artwork) for a beautiful little indie game called "The Witch" designed by Elizabeth Swensen

See and listen HERE.


Here's a compilation of all the witch songs from Petaluma Shakespeare's Macbeth, 2019. The witches were played by 2 actors, so the vocals reflect that.

The water sound is a brook recorded in Scotland this summer. Almost everything else is my voice. I learned how to throat sing, so now my voice can drop an octave.

Nirvana Mock Turtle Mashup

I've done a number of parody songs. Here's my favorite. Searched a long time for a song that worked, and when I found how well it fit, just about died laughing. 

This is Lewis Caroll's lyrics with Smells Like Teen Spirit for a kids production of Alice & Wonderland I adapted and directed.

(This is a rehearsal video.) The kids are adorable. Maybe 2018?

Midsummer Nights Dream

This was composed for a production of Shakespeare's "Midsummer Nights Dream" - a bunch of little girls sung it! My vocals are the rehearsal track, so it's not a great mix, but it's fun!

In retrospect, the song is a bit long... 

2016 or 2017

Measure For Measure

"Take Oh Take" from Shakespeare's Measure for Measure.

One of my first compositions ever. Like ever ever. Also this is my my first time performing guitar. Like ever ever. 

Played and composed by myself, sung by Seth Bleecker

2006, I think. (Not a great recording.)