Covers & Performances

Lux Arumque

Spent a couple hours recording this for fun.

I really love Eric Whitacre, and had to record this for myself!

All voices are mine. Only lowest notes are altered (I can't sing that low).

Sometime in 2015 maybe?

Piano Capstone

An audio recording of my 1 hour piano capstone in 2008. It was the completion of my music performance major at Principia College.

Bach, Brahms, Debussy & Liszt


In college, I learned how to play the carillon - an instrument so rare, apparently, I was one of only a couple thousand players. Luckily, this instrument I'm practicing on is not booming bell sounds onto the college campus - it's a practice instrument. However, I often played the bells in the clock tower and even got a chance to play the bells once at the Berkley Campus Campanile.