Interior Painting

Interior Painting

I am an interior residential painter - anything from plain white to patterns with all the colors of the rainbow.

I've been doing interior painting work for the last 8 years. I take on all sorts of projects, from white walls to artstic projects.

I enjoy being a part of the design process, and helping decide which colors work for you. 

I charge $35/h per worker (I have a small team of 1-2 people I work with on bigger projects.)

I also get a discount on most paint, and forward the savings onto you!

I work primarily in Santa Rosa, although for the cost of my travel time, I can make exceptions. Contact me to talk about your job.


Using rollers and a stencil, I was able to paint the stenciling on this wall in one day. 


The number of available stencils on the internet is endless.


2 Colors, easier than it looks!

Textured Walls

3 Colors on a textured wall, no pattern.

Ombre Dark to Light

4 Colors in the same palate.


There are 2 of us who paint murals, me & my business partner Katie. 

Each person working is $35/h

We take a projector, trace the image on the wall, and then paint. We do pre-selected images as well as create our own designs. 


This was the final result in her hallway

Hand brushed

Using rollers and paint brushes, I finished this wall up in 2 days. (Ombre takes way longer than a single color!)

Crackle Cabinets

This technique can be used with any colors, and produces an aged look.

The Trick?

I'll never tell! :)

My Home Studio

I really love the ocean and wanted to make my studio feel like it was underwater.

Using dry-brush strokes, I was able to give the walls a messy ombre look that I was very happy with.

Bookshelves & Furniture

The bookshelves also go from light blue to dark, and I painted the dark green furniture in the room to match the baseboard colors.


Stencil, because I like octopuses! 

Red Living Rm

Will Add Soon

Aqua Family Rm

Will Add Soon

Ocean Rock

This is one of my favorite walls in my house. Done with 3 colors of paint and polyurethane, sponges, and cloth. 

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